The Global Choice of the Ford Motor Company

Byteworx FMEA is an advanced software tool for conducting Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) studies, designed and engineered "from the wheels up" as a quality improvement tool tightly focused on automotive needs. Byteworx FMEA is continuing its roll out at Ford locations throughout North America, Europe and beyond. Byteworx FMEA replaces FMEAplus and is officially Ford's global choice for FMEA software.

Conforms to the Latest SAE/AIAG FMEA Standards

Fully compliant with the requirements of the new FMEA Third Edition, Byteworx FMEA adheres to the conventions of SAE J-1739 and AIAG.

Reads Your Old FMEAplus® Files

Did you know that the old FMEAplus software is no longer compliant with the latest standards  -- and that in fact the FMEAplus software has been discontinued? Byteworx FMEAcan easily read in your existing FMEAplus FMEAs.

Easy to Use

Byteworx FMEA² makes it easy to get started by presenting a Microsoft Outlook-style view in our Outline View.  If you’re an FMEAplus user, you’ll be immediately at home in our Grid View with familiar FMEAplus-style keyboard shortcuts (such as [Alt+B] to insert new items).  Color-coding and item reference numbers make it easy to find your place and move around in your FMEA.

Extensive Built-In Help

The built-in AutoHelp feature follows along as you work, automatically offering guidance appropriate to the task at hand. Check the Frequently Asked Questions page for quick answers to common tasks. Use the integrated, self-paced Tutorial and comprehensive Software Reference Guide to learn the software.  Consult the built-in FMEA Methodology reference and FMEA Glossary for best practices and help with terminology.  Link to our On-Line Help and Support page for the most up-to-date information.

Guides You Through the Process

Byteworx FMEA goes beyond just editing the familiar FMEA worksheet, encapsulating the entire process of conducting an FMEA study.  Our Pre-Work Checklist page reminds you of steps to take and information to gather before your first team meeting and lets you attach and permanently store supporting documents such as P-Diagrams, Boundary Diagrams, and Process Flows. During FMEA development, the automatic red-yellow-green “Traffic Light Review” flags incomplete or missing items and helps you with basic FMEA “rules”to comply with the Ford FMEA Handbook  Click the Finish button to have the software run a complete review of your FMEA and present any remaining issues in an easy-to-find, easy-to-fix format, then run a submission-quality FMEA print-out.  And the Post-Work Checklist reminds you of closeout and follow-up procedures and actions.

Reduces Your Data Entry Effort

Pop up a Pick List over any column in your FMEA to quickly enter recurring text, re-using information from elsewhere in your FMEA or other FMEAs with a few clicks of your mouse.  Pop up a Rating Table for accurate selection of severity, occurrence and detection with complete explanatory criteria.   Copy, cut and paste text, entire cells and entire blocks with ease.

Organizes and Links your FMEAs

While easily used in a traditional “one FMEA per file” way, Byteworx FMEA3 can also be used to store multiple FMEAs in a single FMEA database. FMEAs can then be grouped and organized as needed - by customer, vehicle, system and subsystem. When used in this way, Byteworx FMEA² can even automatically rough out lower level FMEAs from higher level ones (for instance, sub-system FMEAs can be automatically roughed out from the system-level FMEA).

Risk Assessment: RPN and Criticality Analysis

Byteworx FMEA automatically calculates Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) and Classification codes, with critical values visually “flagged” in red.  High RPN, Criticality and Classification reports and graphs make it easy to report out and monitor high-priority items.

Follow Up and Follow Through

Track overdue and completed status on Recommended Actions, and e-mail reminder notices to persons responsible. Report out progress on actions by date due, person responsible or in a calendar style.  Use the Post-Work Checklist to remind and document important follow-through activities. 

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