Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a formal problem prevention methodology used in the engineering of systems, products and processes.  Required of automotive suppliers as part of QS9000, FMEA is also a recommended tool of ISO9000 and the FDA approval process.

FMEA is used to identify potential failures in a system, product, or process operation. Causes are then identified either as design or process; Recommended Actions are then identified to eliminate potential failures or reduce their rate of occurrence. FMEA also identifies design or process characteristics that require special controls to prevent or detect failure modes.

PSi Facilitation and Recording Services PSi FMEA Training Services
Our simultaneous facilitation and recording method produces 40-60% time savings in the development of an FMEA. This facilitation is in compliance with SAE J1739 and captures the FMEA electronically. 

Our FMEA services are in great demand by many clients. Heather Clark oversees our FMEA efforts. She is the North American lead FMEA instructor for Ford Motor Company. Further, she is a frequent FMEA lecturer for both universities and trade organizations. 

PSi has facilitated thousands of hours of FMEAs for both products and processes.

To find out more about PSI's FMEA Team Facilitation and Recording services, please contact us at or 313-928-5200. 

Our FMEA training will prepare the participants to create their own design and/or process FMEAs. Lecture and team interaction combine to instruct and illustrate the techniques.

Teams are encouraged to use their own products or processes as examples. 

This topic can also be taught as a short overview of benefits and how to get started.

To find out more about PSI's FMEA Training services, please contact us at or 313-928-5200. 

Byteworx FMEA² Software

FMEA Express

Byteworx FMEA² is new, advanced software for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.  Unlike other FMEA packages on the market, Byteworx FMEA² is fully compliant with the September 2000 SAE J-1739 revisions. 

Byteworx FMEA² was developed in conjunction with PSi's world-class team of FMEA and Quality experts, and is available exclusively through PSi.

Ford Motor Company's worldwide choice for FMEA software is Byteworx FMEA² software.

To find out more about Byteworx FMEA², click here.



FMEA Express© is a Ford Motor Company proprietary solution for FMEAs. It provides a structured, streamlined approach to the FMEA process. 

PSi provides a certified facilitator to direct group dynamics as well as encourage and focus participation by all team members. A certified recorder is also provided to capture the group's ideas electronically using the approved FMEA format. Our simultaneous facilitation and recording method results in a significant time savings in the development of FMEAs.

In addition to better, faster FMEAs, the completed FMEA receives a certificate of compliance with Ford's global FMEA requirements. This certificate assures Ford's Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) representatives, buyers, and release engineers that the FMEA has already received Ford's approval for adherence to Ford's FMEA guidelines.

PSi is Ford Motor Company's solution for FMEA Express© in North America, Australia, South America, Africa and the Far East.