Everybody’s had them, and will have them again. Problems. 

But a well-defined problem is a problem ready to be solved.  And in Productive Solutions' Problem Solving course, you'll learn --  and practice -- formal techniques to define problems based on their symptoms. We include examples, case studies, and other materials designed for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing personnel alike. 

Using a technique called comparative analysis, you will develop root cause theories of the problem being studied. The comparative analysis technique will then permit you to analyze these theories to determine the most probable cause

After the most probable cause is determined, the next step is to add a plan to verify the root cause in the actual application, as well as actually completing the verification. Now with the cause verified, you’re ready to plan the corrective action (the solution to the problem). 

But problem solving does not end here, since solving one problem could create an entirely new set of problems. That's why this problem solving methodology includes the concept of thorough planning to prevent additional problems. 

Finally, a last step completes the process -- the development of lessons learned to prevent other problems from plaguing you in the future.

This entire process is based on a cross-functional team approach. You will acquire a basic understanding of what is required to complete each step in the problem solving process. You will learn to describe the methods and tools the team will use to complete each step. And you'll have an opportunity to practice using the tools at every step in the process.


Training Courses
Productive Solutions offers two training courses in Problem Solving:
  • A four-hour overview course that describes the benefits of using this multi-stepped problem solving process. Participants will leave knowing what their next step should be, but will have no practice.
  • A two-day in-depth course with practice and case study work, and which includes lecture and team interaction.

For more on PSI's Problem Solving training, please contact us at info@go-psi.com or 313-928-5200.