Value Analysis and Value Engineering are similar systematized strategies to analyze products, processes, and services. "Value = Function/Cost" is the basic premise of Value Management. 

Value Management techniques can be performed at various stages in the product or process cycle. Depending on which stage, the specific process may be referred to as Value Planning, Value Engineering or Value Analysis.

These techniques differ from traditional cost cutting by exploring where and why costs are included, then matching this information to customer expectations and requirements. Changes to the design, process or system are developed by a cross- functional team to reduce or eliminate waste, maximize efficiency, and maintain or increase function.

The goal of both VA and VE is to maximize value to the customer. VA and VE can increase your customer's satisfaction with your organization, and can help give you the competitive edge. Cost reductions of 10 to 30% are common -- and results as high as 60% have been achieved!

VA / VE Facilitation
Productive Solutions' professional VA / VE facilitators will act as a catalyst to identify creative ideas to achieve your item's maximum value potential. 

To learn more about VA / VE facilitation, scheduling and pricing, please contact us at or 313-928-5200. 


VA / VE Training

Productive Solutions' Value Analysis / Value Engineering course prepares the participants to be productive team members in future VA / VE sessions. 

The full course requires one full day, and is taught through a combination of lecture and team case study. Participants can provide the case study. 

A half-day management or participant overview is also available.

To learn more about VA / VE training, scheduling and pricing, please contact us at or 313-928-5200.